Leo Suarez is a drummer based in Philadelphia, PA. He works or has worked with various bands, artists, and scenarios including but never limited to: wMerchandise, Taiwan Housing Project, Nude Tayne, Meatwound and TONED. As an improviser, he’s shared fun sometimes awkward exchanges in front of the general public with folks like T.J. Borden, Luke Stewart, Madam Data, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Paulina Owczarek. Leo has toured The United States, Europe, The U.K., Mexico and Canada in various forms of musical delirium and has booked many small experimental shows in his hometown. His current focus on the kit has been with his band Carnivorous Bells as well as ventures into solo drum set music - finding new means of approaching concepts like pulse, tone, foundation, resonance and decay. Leo makes vats of guacamole for a living, enjoys cheap espresso, and has one kidney.